Love Day

My Room 14/02/15 2:07

As I come home, I realize how strong is the feeling to let it out, to write something, to say what is going on in my mind. Everything appears so irrational to me, and the only thing I can feel is the wind hitting on the window next to me, and the glasses shacking, as they are not as strong as they should.

Feeling like a glass is not the best, I admit it. Extremely fragile, thin, you can see everything through it, but all images appear, somehow, distorted. And yet it is me, a glass, that never lets you see the truth, but with a little imagination, everything is clearer. Fragile because, though it appears strong, it only takes a second for a glass to break into million pieces and than it is over. A tear, can put an end to the see through wall.

A broken heart, lies there, and it doesn’t even know why.

Like, eyes. Almost liquid. Hide the soul, but not the truth. Protect the mind, but not the thoughts.

Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m writing, I probably just wish someone would read this, and understand, but it definitely won’t happen. I just need the world to know, that everyone can love. It feels so much about “I’s”, and I’m so not used to it, that I almost feel selfish for talking so much about my self, or maybe it’s just because I usually pretend to talk to someone, when the only person I should be able to face, is myself.

Yes, that it is. Myself. Story, and problem, of my life. Not a big deal. Every single person has his own problems. I just feel too lonely to shut down my brain and dig deep.

Sorry for waisting time, I just had to. For me. Sometimes I have to do things I don0t really like, or feel comfortable with, but I know it is worth it. So, why not? I’ve learned to take the risk. And this is what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll learn to do it more often, when it is the right time.

Jules, please, stop it. I’m so over myself right now. And it’s almost funny. I smile, and I think. What are you doing? I don’t really know, I answer at the same time. And smile again. Well I guess it is time for me to go to bed.

It is 3:21 after all. Not bad.


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