Imperfect Entities


“Undress yourself of the perfection you are trying to be, and,

Be the perfection you were born with.
Perfection is such an odd word,

it means to be free from all flaws.

But than we all knew what to expect from people,

from ourselves,

from the whole world.

What is so interesting about perfection that imperfection does not have?

What beauty is hidden behind the appearance of being flawless?.”

Every single person around me was not happy, I could tell from their expressions. We all pretend, because we expect so much from life that it becomes pathologic, to be unsatisfied. And this is how I feel too. I’m missing something, I’m missing parts of me and I don’t know where to find them.

Have you ever fell in love? Have you ever had a real friend? Have you ever done anything stupid that every time you think about it, you can’t help but smiling? That’s the combin
ation of perfection and imperfection. They always work together, but we, humans, always look for the wrong one.

Why did you love that exact person? Perfect teeth? Perfect skin, ass, smile? No. Their personality, it made you change they way you see the world, the way you perceive it. Their imperfections, the little details in a conversation made the person unique.

So is for any other situation. Do you remember that time you went to a party you did not want to go to, and it ended up being one the best nights of your life? What made it so special? Maybe the fact that you were not properly dressed, or the fact that while everyone was so serious, your friend cracked a joke. It could be anything in the world. But it’s always going to be something thought to be imperfect that made it perfect.

I don’t know if any of these words make sense to you, I just had to say it out loud.

Love your being IMPERFECT



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